There are hundreds of cannabis strains on the market today. Whether you’re new to using cannabis or you’re looking for something different than what you’re used to, knowing what to try can be a bit of a challenge. Here, we’re going to provide you with some of the top weed strain names to keep an eye out for the next time you’re in the dispensary.


Biscotti is a type of cookie whose name means “twice baked (or cooked).” It’s also a cannabis strain that can twice bake your brain. An 80% Indica hybrid, Biscotti is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), Gelato #25, and South Florida OG. With a THC content of around 25%, this strain starts with a rush of cerebral energy that leaves you feeling calm and relaxed, as well as social and giggly.  

GMO Cookies

When most people hear “GMO,” they think of genetically modified organisms. In the world of cannabis, however, GMO Cookies refers to a 90% Indica-dominant hybrid with more than 30% THC. Also known as Garlic Cookies, this particular strain has a particularly potent garlicy, spicy flavor. The buds themselves smell of herbs and coffee. While it might not sound appetizing, GMO Cookies is an effective solution for chronic pain and insomnia. If unusual scent and flavor combinations intrigue you, this one’s worth trying. 

Silver Haze

Silver Haze is a classic strain that remains popular to this day. A 50/50 hybrid, this strain features a fairly low THC content of around 14%. It provides euphoric effects that kick in within minutes and can help to jumpstart your creativity. It can also boost your energy, giving you what you need to get up and get going. As such, it’s a great strain for daytime use. 

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Strawberry Banana

A cross between Bubble Gum and Banana Kush, Strawberry Banana is a slightly Indica-dominant hybrid with more than 30% THC. While the buds have a spicy, hashy aroma, they taste sweet and mildly fruity. The high builds slowly, starting in your head before a heavy Indica body high takes over. Couchlock is common, so make sure you’re somewhere comfortable before you use this strain. 

Wedding Cake

Also known as Pink Cookies or Birthday Cake, Wedding Cake is a slightly Indica-dominant hybrid with around 22% THC. A cross between Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies, this strain doesn’t exactly taste like cake. It does, however, still taste quite good, featuring notes of sourness, tanginess, and creaminess. Users get hit with a head high first. You may find your thoughts race or become more aware of your surroundings. Shortly after, the body high kicks in, leaving you feeling warm and pleasantly heavy. It’s a great strain for creating art, exercising, or having sex

Check Out These Weed Strain Names

With so many strains of cannabis out there, you might not know where to start. Whether you’re brand-new to cannabis use or you’re looking for a change, the above strains are some of the best available. Don’t hesitate to give them a try. You can also ask a budtender during your next dispensary run for some additional suggestions. If you let them know what effects you’re looking for, they can help to point you in the right direction.