A bouquet on your counter when you arrive home from a long day at work. Being taken out to dinner on a whim. A phone call from an old friend. Some surprises can really make your day. Others, such as taking too much THC, can result in an unpleasant experience. Accurate dosing is vital for consistency and predictability. Many products on the market today can help ensure precise dosing every time, including a dab syringe. Keep reading to find out if you should take the plunge and give it a shot.  

Dabbing for Fast, Potent Results

Before we get into dab syringes, let’s take a look at dabbing first. Dabbing is a method of consumption that involves the use of a dab rig to inhale the smoke of potent cannabis extracts. After heating the nail, you apply a small amount of your preferred concentrate on its surface. The heat essentially vaporizes the concentrate. The smoke travels through the down stem, into the base, and up through the mouthpiece into your lungs. The results are fast, potent, and effective. 

Concentrates for Dabbing

Dabbing involves the use of concentrates. These are incredibly potent cannabis products that range from 50% to 90% THC (with some as potent as 99% THC). Manufacturers make them using a wide range of methods, including hydrocarbon gases and supercritical CO2. The different methods result in a wide range of consistencies from runny to brittle. In many cases, people use a dab tool to apply a small amount of their chosen concentrate to the dab rig nail. Another, more precise, method for applying dabs is with a dab syringe. 

Dab Syringes for Precise Dosing

A dab syringe offers a way to ensure precise dosing every single time. These devices are also called applicators, and they look similar to a syringe you might use to give liquid medicine. They’re essentially a tool that measures and delivers your dab or concentrate. Many come pre-filled, and you can dispense the exact amount you want to use. All you need to do is push the plunger to apply the amount you want right on the nail of your dab rig.


Other Ways to Use a Dab Syringe

While many people use dab syringes for dabbing, that’s not your only option. You can use concentrates in many different applications. One popular option is to add a small amount to a joint before rolling. You can also top the bowl of your pipe or bong. 

Another way to use concentrates is in edibles. Using the dab syringe, you can add a precise amount of concentrate to a recipe. That makes it easier to gauge how much THC you have per serving, no matter what recipe you make. Others use a dab syringe to apply cannabis oil under the tongue.

Take the ‘Plunge’

A dab syringe offers accurate dosing for effective results. There’s no guesswork involved. You know what you’re getting every single time, which makes the effects predictable and consistent.