The cannabis legalization movement has unleashed unparalleled creativity in the weed cultivation space. As more states allow businesses and residents to grow marijuana, people are getting more creative with their cannabis strains. Aside from curiosity, more marijuana breeders want to “outdo” the competition with the latest & greatest hybrid. 


Although classic strains remain best sellers in many cannabis-friendly states, there are dozens of captivating and dynamic crossbreeds hitting dispensaries every week. Long-time tokers seeking novelty will find no shortage of new choices in today’s legal cannabis scene. 


Exceptional Cannabis Crossbreeds In 2023: A Few Highlights 


Although there are dozens of new, standout crossbreeds for the upcoming year, many award-winning strains picked up on themes from prior years. Notably, many hot hybrids are directly related to Cali’s sweet & sugary “dessert strain” lineage. Strains like Sherbert, Wedding Cake, Gelato, and Tangie still serve as a base for most of the best-reviewed buds this year.


Case and point: The star-studded “Jealousy” strain is a mix of Sherbet and Gelato. SoCal’s Seed Junky Genetics worked closely with the legendary Cookies Fam to create this highly-rated dessert hybrid. 


Although it’s still challenging to find Jealousy in many cannabis markets, it’s well-known for extra high concentrations of the peppery terpene beta-caryophyllene. Most people who get their hands on Jealousy describe it as a “warm & cinnamon-rich dessert” with a bit of funk and dank earth. In terms of effects, it appears Jealousy is relatively well-balanced with moderate THC levels and a relaxed “giggly” high. Anyone looking for a social smoke should keep Jealousy on their radar as it gains a wider audience. 


Clementine is another crossbreed that fits into this “sweet strain scene.” Made with a blend of Tangie and Lemon Skunk, this sativa-rich strain has recently gained numerous fans. Those most interested in a euphoric & energetic high with strong citrusy notes will most appreciate Clementine’s profile. 


Interestingly, Clementine played a crucial role in the hit 2022 Gorilla’d Cheese hybrid. Breeders at Rev Genetics crossed Clementine flowers with the iconic Gorilla Glue #4 to create this skunky and woodsy hybrid. Gorilla’d Cheese gained massive acclaim in cannabis circles after High Times awarded it the coveted Cannabis Cup for best hybrid flower. In addition to its cheesy aromatics, tokers are in love with Gorilla’d Cheese’s potent blast of euphoria. According to some reports, this strain has THC levels close to 30% — so tokers should be prepared for a near-psychedelic experience when handling these buds. 


A few other honorable mentions in the 2023 hybrids scene include the following: 


  • Peanut Butter Breath 
  • Banana Cake 
  • Jenny Kush 
  • Brownie Scout 
  • Figment
  • Vanilla Cake


How Can Tokers Find The Latest Alpha On Cannabis Crossbreeds?


Frankly, even people who are deeply immersed in the cannabis industry can’t keep track of the rapid changes in this market. However, since weed is becoming more tolerated in the USA, there are far more cannabis-friendly forums where people can gather to share the latest details on crossbreeds. The best way to keep tabs on tantalizing trichomes is to frequently visit high-profile weed forums and cannabis-friendly shops. Often, dispensary owners have a good handle on top-rate new strains, so it’s always a good idea to check out these stores in legal states.