Vaping has quickly become a popular alternative to smoking joints. Many users consider it to be the healthier option. You still get the benefits of inhalation, but you’re not inhaling combusted materials and other toxins. Vaping offers smoother, cleaner hits without the drawbacks that come with smoking. If you’re looking to vape, whether you want to switch from smoking or you’re a new cannabis user, you’ll find you have a couple of pen options – an auto-draw vape pen and a button vape pen. Let’s take a closer look at each one so you can determine which is right for you.

How Auto-Draw Vape Pens Work

An auto-draw vape pen is also called a buttonless vape pen. It’s a unique vape pen that’s incredibly user-friendly. There’s nothing to push or do to turn it on or take a hit. All you need to do is put the mouthpiece to your lips and inhale.

When you inhale, you activate the battery, which engages the heating element. The heating element vaporizes the oil in the cartridge. The vapor goes into your lungs, supplying your body with cannabinoids.

You’ll find that many disposable vape pens are buttonless. These are the pens you throw away after you finish the oil. Some rechargeable options are buttonless, too.

How Button Style Vape Pens Work

Button vape pens are those that have a button that you need to push to activate your device. It’s an extra step that you need to take, but it quickly becomes second nature for most vape pen users.

Before you use a push-button vape pen, you first need to turn it on. Where you take a small inhale from an auto-draw vape pen to “prime” it, push-button styles typically require five clicks of the button to start it up. Some options allow you to change the voltage, too, which offers a bit more control over your hits.

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Pros and Cons of Auto-Draw Vape Pens

As with anything else, both auto-draw and button-activated vape pens have their benefits and drawbacks. Let’s first take a look at the pros and cons of auto-draw vape pens:


  • You don’t have to push any buttons to turn the device on or take a hit
  • Auto-draw pens are very user-friendly and perfect for beginners
  • Most pens use less battery power, so you can take more hits between charges


  • The batteries aren’t sealed, so there’s a risk of ruining them in the event of a leak
  • You may need to take a few primer hits before you take an actual hit from the pen
  • There may be an automatic cutoff feature, which may limit the number of hits you can take

Pros and Cons of a Button Style Pen

Now let’s take a look at the pros and cons of button-activated pens:


  • You have more control over your hits
  • You don’t have to prime the device before you take your hit
  • Sealed batteries mean that you won’t have to worry as much about ruining your battery if your oil leaks


  • The device uses more battery power, so you’ll likely need to charge it more frequently
  • You have to remember to push a button (and how many clicks you need to do to do specific actions)
  • You may run out of oil sooner if you take more hits

Which One Is Right for You?

If you’re thinking of getting into vaping cannabis, you have plenty of pen options at your fingertips. Both auto-draw vape pens and button-activated pens have their pros and cons. One isn’t necessarily better than the other. It all comes down to personal preference. With a little bit of research and consideration, you’ll find a style of pen that works best for you.