You’ll be able to spot top shelf weed right away. It’s usually proudly presented, for full visibility, on the highest shelves in the dispensary. 

But there are a lot of mid-range cannabis strains that are loved by many. When the price point can be so much higher, why would you buy premium cannabis over your usual regular bud? Here are the reasons top shelf weed is worth forking over the money for. 

It’s Produced by Renowned Growers

Top shelf cannabis is the best available on the market, so it figures that it would be produced by experts in the field. It’s usually grown indoors too, so growers have greater control over the conditions the plant is subjected to. 

The best bud is also produced without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers, so you can rest assured what you’re smoking is organic. 

top shelf cannabis

It Has Loads of Trichomes

When cannabis is grown optimally, it has a visible, frosty coating of trichomes on its surface. These tiny, sparkly little hairs hold the all-important terpenes of your bud, which provide the aromas, tastes, and therapeutic effects of each strain. 

Trichomes can be broken off by improper handling. But when you have a high-value top shelf product, you can bet it will be handled more carefully to preserve the structure of each nug. You should also find it packaged in a glass container, not plastic bags. 

It Has a Greater Percentage of Cannabinoids

Those new strains you hear about with THC percentages that keep reaching new heights? They’re usually top shelf strains, crossbred from existing premium cannabis for increased potency. 

But it’s not just about THC – top bud is all-around richer in the full spectrum of cannabinoids. So, while you might be spending more to get your hands on top shelf weed, you won’t need to consume as much of it to feel the same effects. 

You’ll Enjoy More Bud and Less Leaf

Lower rate cannabis is often now trimmed by machines to turn around the goods faster, but this method is imprecise and can cut off chunks of flower, trichomes and hairs. Expertly trimming cannabis flower by hand after harvest is essential in creating a quality end product. 

Trimmers should carefully cut away excess fan leaf matter, leaving as much of the flower material as possible. And this is another reason you’ll get more value for your money with top shelf cannabis. Premium buds are also perfectly trimmed and cured to showcase the original shape of the flower. 

It Tastes and Smells Better

Top shelf weed is a vibrant deep green and its hairs can come in a range of beautiful colors. But with a carefully selected and curated terpene profile in each strain, the aromas and taste of premium weed really set it apart. 

Top shelf strains are especially pungent, so odor-proof storage is ideal. But with such a variety in flavors and scents, from pine to citrus, to sweet, to stanky, it’s likely there’s a top shelf strain for everyone. 

Top Shelf Cannabis is Worth the Price

We’ve made a strong case for why top shelf weed really is worth the expense, and can even save you money too. Curious about how to find your perfect top shelf cannabis flower? Read this useful guide on how to distinguish good weed from bad weed