WVA - Black Widow, Hybrid, Live Resin Cart

Black Widow is a hybrid of Brazilian and south Indian landraces that was originally cultivated by breeder Scott Blakey, a.k.a. Shantibaba, under the name White Widow. When Blakey and breeder known as Mr. Nice left Green House Seed Company in the late 1990s, they changed the name to Black Widow to distinguish their plant from White Widow strains sold by other seed banks. This original version of White Widow has tropical, sour, herbaceous and almost coffee like flavors when smoking and a soaring head high that leaves your head in a pleasant head space with ease.

0.5g Cartridge

Genetic Cross: Original White Widow Phenotype by Mr. Nice Seedbank

THC: 64.77% | CBD: 0.15% | (Hybrid)

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