As more and more states legalize and regulate the use of recreational cannabis, consumers must understand how to enjoy it safely and responsibly. After all, THC is still a psychoactive substance that can sometimes have unpredictable effects. 

Depending on how, when, and under which circumstances you use it, cannabis in all its forms can be risky, especially if you are not familiar with its adverse side effects. Here are some tips to help you understand how to use cannabis responsibly.

Understand How THC Interacts With Your Body

Tetrahydrocannabinol (commonly known as THC) is the most prevalent psychoactive cannabinoid. It is the beloved substance that makes you high, and movies like “Clerks” seem even funnier than they already are. 

However, the legal grey zone cannabis is in has not helped in researching more about the effects of THC on the brain. Therefore, THC is still quite a mystery for the scientific community: its exact effects are still relatively unknown or still unresearched. What this means for users is that the impact of a strong dose of THC can trigger panic attacks or even acute psychoses for users who have a genetic predisposition.

Of course, not everyone will react the same to cannabis. Some of the factors that influence your experience might be tolerance, method of ingestion, weight, and the THC ratio of the product you use. As a matter of fact, cannabis nowadays is 2-3x more potent than it used to be, with extreme THC concentrations. Therefore, it would be a good idea not to drive or do anything requiring your full attention when you are under the influence.

Find The Right Dose For You

Once you have obtained your cannabis, it is crucial to understand how much to consume. According to the California Business and Protection Code, a single dose of marijuana is considered to be about 10mg of THC. A good rule of thumb for beginners is to start with less than that and gradually increase.

Remember, the effects may be delayed, so wait at least an hour before consuming more than what was initially taken. Additionally, keep in mind that edibles can take up to two hours before their full effects are felt, so be patient when trying them for the first time and never mix them with other substances like alcohol or medications. 

Can You Overdose On Cannabis?

Technically, you can overdose on any substance. Thankfully, there hasn’t been a single case of a fatal cannabis overdose on record (contrary to alcohol or opioids). A cannabis overdose can certainly cause hyperventilation, paranoia, or even panic attacks, but it will certainly not be lethal. 


Overall, responsible cannabis consumption involves the following:

  • Buying quality products from trustworthy sources.
  • Being aware of dosage guidelines and who your company is while consuming.
  • Understanding your limits in order to keep yourself safe from potential harm or legal issues associated with the use of the drug.

By following these simple steps, consumers can enjoy their marijuana safely and responsibly for years to come!