Our Story

Kush Cart emerged from the minds of Lisa Hopkins and Kris Gould as they were staring into a recently spent bowl. With nothing to refill and not comfortable driving, the desire for a service that could bring weed to their door was generated. They were both new to cannabis and found their dispensary experiences left them feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled. From the assumption that others must be feeling the same, they began their journey. Eddy Martinez Montes met Kris and Lisa while he was working with a rideshare app and they found themselves instantly charmed. After a few unsuccessful partnerships, Eddy was a great mindset fit for them, sharing in their values, work ethic, and passion for cannabis. He appreciated their open-mindedness, willingness to take risks and drive to be better people. After overcoming setbacks and the difficulty of navigating cannabis regulations and laws, the three of them were able to launch Kush Cart in 2018. They ran operations and marketing themselves, slowly adding people as the business grew and finally took off in 2020. It is now a crew of 18, with excitement expanding as the business does.
Our values – Freedom, Self-Leadership and Meaning – come directly from the turbulence of the path that has led us here. We hope to keep evolving both as individuals and a company so we can provide the most accessible cannabis in our communities.

“I would consider the values I have gained from this experience to be life values more than business values – I would still have them with or without Kush Cart. However, Kush Cart is what helped me discover them and consistently holds me accountable to practicing them everyday.”

“I believe humans gain purpose from their own self-development and growth. I also think companies need to be constantly learning and growing to be successful, and need to provide a work environment in which people can find purpose and joy. Ultimately, what drives a business is its PEOPLE.”

“I am fortunate this opportunity was extended to me at a time when I was looking for something greater than myself. The situations that have exposed our differences have also forced us to understand each other better or fail. We continue to practice and take swings to this day, with the hope that by sharing this with others, we can have a positive impact.”