Our community is faced with a historic moment that has caused global chaos and will affect the lives of all for some time to come. The Coronavirus Pandemic is a health and humanitarian crisis unlike any faced by many of us. All of us have been called to serve and save each other through extraordinary measures that test our patience, resilience, and compassion. As a small business dedicated to the mission of providing comfort and care to our clients, we at KushCart are doing our best to ensure the health and safety of those within our community.

How We’re Responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic

We follow PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) guidelines and protocols established by local, federal, and health officials both at our headquarter and with each delivery. Face masks are worn during the day, and washed regularly. Latex gloves are disposed of after use in order to protect ourselves and our clients from contaminants. Each KushCart team member has access to hand sanitizer and is instructed to make frequent use of it throughout their day.

kushcart delivery

At the office and during deliveries we practice physical distancing. By limiting the number of individuals in each room of our headquarter, and observing 6ft of separation between employees whenever possible, we are doing what we can to mitigate the potential spread of this novel coronavirus. With each customer interaction, our delivery drivers strive to maintain a safe distance between themselves and you.

Going Above and Beyond

In addition, we have been working with OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission), the governmental body responsible for regulating the sale of marijuana and liquor in Oregon, to provide you with contactless delivery in order to maintain safe distancing guidelines. While some of the previously established protocols for delivery have been relaxed during this crisis, it remains imperative that our drivers visually confirm the presence of the purchaser and check for a valid government ID before releasing any package upon delivery. Furthermore, by using the online payment service CanPay customers can purchase any item from our menu with their checking account, and our drivers are able to accept cashless tips through Venmo. These options help to protect you and our team members from spreading contaminants by minimizing the handling of cash; a known fomite in which this novel coronavirus can survive on for several hours to days.

Since KushCart began our goal has been, and remains, to provide you with the very best cannabis products available through fast delivery and compassionate care. During this global coronavirus pandemic crisis we, as a locally owned small business, are “stepping-up” by implementing the procedures outlined above in order to serve you, members of our community, by utilizing our shared values of transparency, patience, and compassion.