The cannabis community has a long history of smoking weed from a bowl. Discoveries have shown the act of smoking from a pipe dates back 5,000 years. Whether you prefer a weed pipe, bong, or bubbler, smoking a bowl is a favorite way to get high for many cannabis users. Learning how to hit a bowl may seem pretty straightforward, but there are a few things you can do to ensure the best use of your weed and guarantee a great experience.

What Is A Bowl?

‌A “bowl” simply refers to the round part of the smoking device that holds the cannabis. If you’re smoking from a bong it may be referred to as a “slide” because you have to slide it out of the bong when you inhale. The bowl is not removable on a pipe and most bubblers and usually has a hole on the side (choke or carb) for airflow.


Learning How to Hit a Bowl

‌Step 1. Grind or break apart your weed. If you break off a chunk of weed and stick it in the bowl, it won’t burn evenly and won’t have good airflow. Using a grinder is the most efficient way to break apart the weed. However, be careful not to grind it into a powder or you’ll end up with a lung full of burning powder. When you grind the weed, it should look like loose tea leaves. If you don’t have a grinder, then just break it apart by hand.

‌Step 2. Pack or stuff your bowl. Add some of your weed to the bowl. This is pretty easy but you do want to be mindful about how much you put in the bowl. If you pack it with too much and too tight, the air won’t be able to move through the bowl. If it’s packed too loose, then the weed will burn too quickly.

‌Step 3. Light it up. If you want to preserve the flavor of your weed, you can use a hemp wick to light it. The hemp doesn’t have any extra harsh chemicals and burns slowly. You can also use a standard lighter or zippo but the butane in the lighter can add a chemical to the taste of the weed.

Step 4. Take a breath. Cover the carb (the hole on the side of the bowl) and inhale. You’ll see the chamber fill with smoke. Remove your thumb, or finger, from the carb and inhale the smoke. Some people prefer the keep the carb covered, exhale, then remove their thumb from the carb and inhale with a new breath to clear the chamber. If you’re new to smoking cannabis, you might want to start with a smaller breath. Once you inhale the smoke, hold it for a second or two and then exhale.

Step 5. Empty your bowl. Once all of the green in your bowl is gone, you’ll notice gray or black “ash.” Remove the ash by gently tapping it out into an ashtray or garbage. You may also want to wipe out the bowl to make sure all the ash is gone because it can create a bitter taste the next time you go to make a bowl.

Hit A Bowl And Enjoy Some Downtime

Learning how to hit a bowl is fun and easy. You only need a few supplies and there are many options available to fit your personality and style. Enjoy!