We are excited to announce that we are using CanPay to offer debit payment for you! Here’s how it works:

CanPay is safe, using only the latest technology to keep your information secure.

To download the app please go to www.canpayapp.com. Be sure to have your checking account number and routing number handy. Protip: You can find these on the bottom of on of your checks.

This process can take 1 to 24 hours to link with your account so keep that in mind when using CanPay for the first time. (How to Get Started)

After successfully creating an account, You can generate a 7 digit PIN and QR code from inside the CanPay app.

When you’re ready to check out with Kush Cart, you can selecct “CanPay” at checkout and enter the 7 digit PIN.

And that’s it! No more dealing with cash.

* PINs and QR codes expire after 30 minutes.