Although the specific connection between cannabis and sex is still being studied, a rising body of evidence suggests that the relationship is in fact very substantial. However, there is relatively little study on cannabis and libido, in part because cannabis research has been challenging to fund and because it is still illegal under federal law in most of the US states.

There is anecdotal evidence among men and women that use cannabis suggesting that it may enhance sexual excitement, and in states where the substance is legal, marketers have benefited from that situation. Some sexual health advocates have built entire careers on cannabis-enhanced intimacy, while several THC products promise improved orgasms and libido-enhancement properties. But, what is the truth behind all this buzz? 

Positive Cannabis Effects on Women

Both men and women have claimed that using cannabis can have a significant impact on their sex lives. Although scientists and health care professionals are still not certain about the ways that cannabis can increase sex drive, there are several theories and surveys that cast light on this matter.

According to some evidence, many women who already use cannabis report that it improves their sexual experiences. This survey found that 24% of the women in the enhanced sexuality camp said that it occasionally increased their sexual enjoyment, while 72% said it always did. Moreover, nearly 62% of them claimed that it improved the quality of both their orgasms and libido in general.

Additionally, 34% of the surveyed women who used marijuana before engaging in sexual activity claimed that it improved their orgasm, boosted their sex drive, and helped in pain relief.

Another study published in the journal of Sexual Medicine asked cannabis-using women about their sexual experiences and discovered that more regular cannabis use was linked to increased arousal, more potent orgasms, and overall improved sexual pleasure.

The same study claims that “the results suggest that increased frequency of cannabis use is related with improved sexual function and is connected with higher satisfaction, orgasm, and sexual desire.”

Positive Cannabis Effects on Men

There is little and sometimes contradictory research on the relationship between cannabis and male sexual function. The International Society for Sexual Medicine reports that while some men claim that cannabis tends to improve their sexual performance, others may experience issues like decreased sex motivation, erectile dysfunction, difficulty achieving orgasm, or premature ejaculation. 

However, a survey of more than 200 cannabis-using women and men revealed that nearly 60% of respondents claimed cannabis improved their desire for sex and nearly 74% said it boosted their sexual satisfaction.

The effects of cannabis on sexual and reproductive health are of special concern because the majority of cannabis users are men who are of reproductive age. The connection between cannabis use and male sexual function is still debatable despite growing studies on the subject. 

For a variety of reasons, it has been more challenging to determine how cannabis usage affects male sexual function. Studies that evaluate sexual function frequently rely on patient self-reporting and are subject to bias. In addition, there are many aspects of sexual function, including libido, erectile function, and the capacity for orgasm, and each of these may be impacted differently by cannabis usage.

Is Cannabis an Aphrodisiac and can it actively enhance sex life?

Cannabis has the ability to influence neurotransmitters and hormones through the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which both have a significant impact on sexual desire and response. Plant substances, like THC, interact with the ECS once you inhale or consume a libido booster, which then affects hormones like estrogen and progesterone. So, in addition to regulating libido and the pleasure and pain of the reproductive system, cannabis also has a big impact on reproduction.

The interaction of hormones, neurotransmitters, and psychological, social, and environmental aspects is a key factor in the complexity of female sexuality. In general, libido is influenced by a variety of factors, and cannabis use can have various effects on an individual’s physiology and on any of these aspects. Therefore, it can be challenging to determine exactly where and how cannabis is enhancing your libido.

Keep in mind that since anxiety and stress prevent you from being totally engaged with everything pertaining to intimacy, being in a healthy mental and emotional state enables you to feel more comfortable when it comes to physical intimacy.

So, you should use cannabis to enhance your mental and emotional health rather than viewing it as a mystical cure-all so that you can better assess and understand your own sexuality and intimacy. It’s vital to remember that every cannabis experience will vary depending on the user, their background, and how comfortable they are.

In other words, you are the one that will determine the outcome. And, remember that if you’re a beginner you should first familiarize yourself with THC effects and then try the products on an intimate level.